130 MW DC Black
Bear Solar Energy Project

Energy Innovation for Alabama

Online since January 2023, this energy project* features 280,000 solar panels across 800 acres, and stands as one of the largest of its kind in Alabama. With millions of dollars going to education and economic development, the Alabama Municipal Electric Authority and Lighsource BP are proud to invest in the Black Bear Solar Energy Project in Montgomery County.

The Black Bear Solar Energy Project will lead to other solar systems in the state. AMEA is planning to have 200 MW of utility-scale solar power under contract by 2026.

Black Bear
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Power in numbers

MWs (AC)

/130 MW (DC) project capacity


electricity production


total project investment


in property taxes


power purchase agreement (PPA)

AMEA Power

Helping communities plug into
enormous power

100 MW AC / 130 MW DC Power

245,000 MW-hours annually

20,000 homes powered in Alabama each year

20 years’ worth of reliable, cost-effective energy

Minimal impact on the surrounding community

No burden on local infrastructure after construction.

At the end of the project’s useful life, it will be dismantled and the site restored to its original condition

It will give a big boost to
economic development

$125 million private investment in Alabama energy infrastructure

More than $5 million in property taxes to local county schools

The project will employ approximately 300 workers during the 12-month construction period

Providing dependable, economical electric power to communities

* AMEA, on behalf of its Members, sells the Renewable Energy Certificates associated with the Black Bear Solar Energy Project to third parties.