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How much can Alabama drivers save by “fueling” a PEV?

Compare the cost of mileage

It costs


to fuel a regular unleaded gasoline engine

It costs


to charge a PEV battery

as of july 2018

• Drivers can save money while saving the environment.

• Hybrid and personal electric vehicles (PEVs) have become more and more affordable. As even more roll out on our roads, public charging stations are also on the increase.

• Alabama drivers can save thousands when they opt for these environmentally-friendly alternatives. Take advantage of federal and state incentives toward the purchase of a hybrid or PEV. Many insurance companies provide discounts to drivers of these vehicles. And by switching to a PEV, you can save on gas and maintenance, while helping save the environment we all share.


Source: energy.gov/articles/egallon-how-much-cheaper-it-drive-electricity