About AMEA

The Alabama Municipal Electric Authority is committed to providing dependable, economical electric power to our communities.

AMEA’s success can be attributed to the strength of its membership and the strength of unified action. There is strength in numbers, and the success of our 11 public power utility Members is proof.

As a publicly-owned, not-for-profit provider, we’re directly accountable to those we serve, while our collective strength gives us greater buying power. This results in stabilized costs, competitive rates and substantial savings for these communities.

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About AMEA

AMEA supports continuing research initiatives to improve services. We also protect the interests of our Members and their communities. We form coalitions to voice their positions to local and state agencies as well as the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

Through power supply initiatives, competitive rates, assets, and selected value-added programs and services, we continue to be strong and vibrant. Anchored by a belief in strategic planning (from the Members up); safeguarded by the oversight of a committed Board of Directors; governed by policies established by the Board; supported by Member involvement via advisory committees; and stimulated by progressive leadership, AMEA is dedicated to contributing to the betterment of our Members’ communities.

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AMEA’s mission is to provide for our Member communities a reliable and economical source of electric power, enabling them to preserve and enhance the benefits of municipal utility ownership for their citizens and the electric customers they serve. We strive to offer services that our Members need and can adapt to provide the best value for their communities and customers.

Core Values

Accountability builds trust and promotes a sense of ownership. We consistently make our best individual and collective contributions to the business success and satisfaction of both our Members and their customers.

For AMEA, Members always come first—we give them our best efforts within the limits established by policy and budgeted resources. By consistently achieving their satisfaction, we inspire confidence and strengthen our ability to undertake new responsibilities for them.

We can produce the best decisions and results for our Members by openly communicating and working together, promoting diverse ideas and opinions. Teamwork fosters supportive relationships and increased opportunities for professional and individual growth.

We believe in ethical conduct, both individually and collectively, that goes beyond compliance with the law. We strive to act in ways that enhance AMEA’s reputation, and are committed to alignment between our behaviors and beliefs about what is right and wrong.

Adaptability is a proactive, effective way to manage the impacts of changes in AMEA’s business environment. We can anticipate opportunities and challenges, transform AMEA to make the best of new conditions, and go beyond our established areas of expertise.

Financial stability builds trust that AMEA can meet financial obligations, enabling us to access resources needed to accomplish our mission for our Members and ensuring longevity as a successful public business enterprise.