Request for Proposals

Request for Proposals

The Alabama Municipal Electric Authority (“AMEA” or the “Authority”) is pleased to offer potential Providers the opportunity to participate in AMEA’s Request for Solar Photovoltaic Power Supply Proposals (“RFP”). AMEA is interested in receiving proposals from potential power Providers to serve its capacity and energy requirements from solar photovoltaic generating resources beginning no earlier than January 1, 2026, and no later than December 31, 2027. This RFP is intended to seek proposals for 80 MW(AC) to 160 MW(AC) projects located within the state of Alabama as explained more fully in the RFP. Interested parties must be able to demonstrate a successful history of executing and performing contracts for the provision of services similar to those being requested by AMEA.


AMEA is a public corporation in the State of Alabama. The Authority’s power supply portfolio is provided from both generating facilities owned by AMEA and also under the terms of multiple power purchase arrangements. The Authority sells power, pursuant to Power Sales Contracts, to each of its 11 participating members (the “Participating Members”), which consist of municipalities, utilities boards, and an electric board. Each Participating Member owns and operates its own retail electric distribution system in Alabama.

Interested parties should download the RFP document provided at the link below.

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