AMEA-Sylacauga Plant

In 2004, AMEA became the first organization in Alabama in more than 80 years to build a municipally-owned power generation plant.

The AMEA-Sylacauga Plant, owned collectively by AMEA’s 11 municipal electric systems, utilizes two GE LM 6000 natural gas, combustion turbine generating units. Together they can generate 95,000 kilowatts. (The aircraft version of the engine drives commercial aircraft such as the Boeing 747-400.)

Fact Sheet

Power in Numbers

GE LM 6000

combustion turbines


combined capacity

K Homes

Enough energy to supply nearly 70,000 homes

AMEA-Sylacauga Plant

Meeting Demand

The AMEA-Sylacauga Plant can be started and brought to full load operations in less than 15 minutes, making it cost-effective for meeting higher energy demand during extreme hot or cold temperatures. It can also be dispatched to generate if a nuclear plant or other large facility unexpectedly trips offline.