Tina TidwellController

As AMEA’s Controller, Tina Tidwell’s responsibilities include the following: maintaining the AMEA cash flow program; overseeing all accounting functions of AMEA; providing the AMEA Board of Directors, management, lenders and rating agencies with accurate financial information; ensuring that the bond trust accounts are properly funded and all bond resolution requirements are met; ensuring that AMEA financial records are audited annually; ensuring the accurate and timely payment of all AMEA accounts payable; billing procedures and practices related to the Authority’s revenue policies and contracts; maintaining all property records; overseeing the AMEA Risk Management Program, including all required insurance; managing the AMEA investment program; and directing the preparation of the AMEA annual work plan and budget.

Mrs. Tidwell also serves as AMEA’s Human Resources Officer. Her duties in this position include directing the preparation of the AMEA payroll, managing the AMEA benefits program, and ensuring that all labor laws and H.R.-related company policies are properly followed.

In addition to her AMEA responsibilities, Mrs. Tidwell serves as the accountant for the Southeastern Federal Power Customers, Inc. (SeFPC). She is responsible for maintaining proper cash balances, preparing accurate billings to the SeFPC members, ensuring the proper and timely payment of all expenses, preparing the Treasurer’s Report for presentation to the SeFPC board, and preparing the SeFPC tax returns.

Mrs. Tidwell joined AMEA in January 1999 as a Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) Technician in the Operations Department. After earning a B.S. degree in Business Administration with a major in Accounting from Auburn University Montgomery, she transferred to AMEA’s Accounting Department in December 2000. Mrs. Tidwell held the titles of Accountant I and Accountant II before becoming Controller in 2013.

Mrs. Tidwell has two children: a daughter, Victoria; and a son, Roman.

The Tidwells reside in Pike Road, AL, and they are members of Saint James United Methodist Church.


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