Alternative Energy

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Alternative Energy

When we do, we often purchase alternative energy sources to serve our Members and their customers, such as power from hydroelectric or nuclear facilities.

Recently, our efforts have taken us into the area of solar power—electrical energy harnessed directly from the sun’s radiation. The 50-KW AMEA Solar Research Project was completed in August 2016 and placed at the AMEA headquarters facility in Montgomery, which uses the energy produced.

Understanding Community Solar

How much can Alabama drivers save by “fueling” a PEV?

Compare the cost of mileage

It costs


to fuel a regular unleaded gasoline engine

It costs


to charge a PEV battery

as of july 2018

• Drivers can save money while saving the environment.

• Hybrid and personal electric vehicles (PEVs) have become more and more affordable. As even more roll out on our roads, public charging stations are also on the increase.

• Alabama drivers can save thousands when they opt for these environmentally-friendly alternatives. Take advantage of federal and state incentives toward the purchase of a hybrid or PEV. Many insurance companies provide discounts to drivers of these vehicles. And by switching to a PEV, you can save on gas and maintenance, while helping save the environment we all share.