Expression of Interest

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Expression of Interest

The Alabama Municipal Electric Authority (“AMEA” or the “Authority”) is pleased to offer potential bidders for upcoming power supply requests for proposals the opportunity to participate in AMEA’s Request for Expressions of Interest. AMEA is entertaining responses from potential bidders that may be interested in entering into power purchase agreements with AMEA for delivery beginning January 2026, with terms between three (3) and twenty (20) years. This Request for Expressions of Interest is intended to permit the parties to become familiar with each other’s business interests. Interested parties must be able to demonstrate a successful history of executing and performing contracts for the provision of services similar to those being requested for offer to AMEA. This Request for Expressions of Interest is intended to be limited to potential bidders offering traditional, non-renewable power supply resources.

AMEA is a public corporation in the State of Alabama. The Authority’s power supply portfolio is provided from both generating facilities owned by AMEA and also under the terms of multiple power purchase arrangements. The Authority sells power, pursuant to Power Sales Contracts, to each of its 11 participating members (the “Participating Members”), which consist of municipalities, utilities boards, and an electric board. Each Participating Member owns and operates its own retail electric distribution system in the State of Alabama.

By 2026, AMEA is forecast to have a summer peak demand of approximately 750 MW and annual energy requirements of 3,500 GWh. AMEA owns a 95 MW simple-cycle peaking facility located in Sylacauga, AL. In addition, the Participating Members also receive a total of 151 MW of hydroelectric capacity and associated energy through power purchase contracts they have with the Southeastern Power Administration. AMEA is seeking interest from parties that can supply all or portions of AMEA power supply needs and/or associated market and balancing authority services.

Interested parties should complete the Expression of Interest Form provided at the link below. Potential bidders should complete the EOI Form as soon as possible, but no later than the close of business on July 1, 2018. AMEA will evaluate all Expressions of Interest and will notify potential bidders of the desirability of a meeting to discuss the matter. AMEA intends to issue a comprehensive Request for Proposals for power supply on October 1, 2018. Expressions of Interest submitted to AMEA will not be deemed binding offers. Any terms set forth herein or iterated in response hereto, including any negotiations in furtherance of a possible purchase power agreement, shall not be binding on either party unless and until set forth in a definitive agreement executed by both parties. AMEA reserves the right to reject any or all submissions received in response to this Request for Expressions of Interest with no reason provided, in its sole discretion.